IPRT campaigns for the positive transformation of systems of accountability and governance of the penal system in the area of inspection, complaints and monitoring.

We believe that structures and practices which support better accountability in the penal system should be introduced. These structures and mechanisms include: a properly resourced independent prisoner complaints system such as the Ombudsman; the introduction of domestic legislation to achieve the ratification of OPCAT; the strengthening of the Office of Inspector of Prisons and reform of the Prison Visiting Committees; and the establishment of a fully independent Prisons Authority on a statutory basis.

IPRT continues to articulate and promote a deeper appreciation of the concept and benefits of accountability in the penal system among relevant stakeholders.

IPRT response to actions taken by the IPS in relation to deaths in custody 24th April 2019

The Irish Examiner has today reported on the Irish Prison Service’s response to reports of inaccurate record-keeping in cases of deaths in custody. Read more

Visiting Committee Annual Reports 2017 11th March 2019

IPRT notes the publication of the 2017 annual reports from the Visiting Committees for each of Ireland's prisons. Read more

Newstalk: Minister launches preliminary investigation into allegations of covert surveillance 23rd November 2018

IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone speaks to Newstalk Breakfast, responding to the Minister for Justice and Equality launching an investigation into serious allegations of alleged covert surveillance of prisons and prisoner transport. Read more

IPRT calls on key bodies to work together to conduct thorough investigation of alleged covert surveillance in prisons and prisoner transport 22nd November 2018

ADVISORY: IPRT responds to allegations of the use of covert surveillance in prisons and prisoner transport, calling on key bodies to work together to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations. Read more

Statement of Principles on Legislation to Ratify the OPCAT 12th November 2018

This document outlines the minimum legislative requirements for any legislation intended to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. Read more

Border Criminologies: HMIP Detention Monitoring Methodology 12th November 2018

Border Criminologies (University of Oxford) has published a briefing paper outlining the methodology used by HM Inspectorate of Prisons, coordinating body of the UK NPM. Read more

The Detail: Call for independent inquiry after 206 prisoner deaths in 12 years 27th September 2018

IPRT calls for the Irish Prison Service to publish regular reports into deaths and incidents of near-deaths, self-harm, violence and assaults in prisons. Read more

Letter: Minister Zappone should publish Oberstown report 11th August 2018

IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone penned a letter to the Editor of The Irish Times, calling on the Minister to publish the Operational Review of Oberstown. Read more

OpEd: Ireland has not ratified a protocol to prevent torture in places of detention 8th August 2018

An OpEd by IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone in The Irish Times discusses Ireland’s failure to ratify OPCAT. Read more

Irish Examiner: 'Inmate deaths lead to call for culture change' 7th August 2018

The Irish Examiner has reported on concerns highlighted by two previous prison inspectors around the accuracy of records being kept by prison officers. Read more

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