November 2003 Archives (International News)

13th November 2003

Justice Reinvestment: To Invest in Public Safety by Reallocating Justice Dollars to Refinance Education, Housing, Healthcare, and Jobs

More than $54 billion is spent annually on prisons in the United States, much of it directed toward incarcerating people for non-violent drug offenses with little or no hope of access to rehabilitation services. Susan Tucker and Eric Cadora argue that the US's dependence on mass incarceration reflects an approach… Read more

18th November 2003

European Sourcebook on Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics - 2003

Exhaustive resource on crime and criminal justice statistics in Council of Europe states. Read more

28th November 2003

Justice Reinvestment: To invest in public safety by reallocating justice dollars to refinance education, housing, healthcare and jobs.

By Susan B. Tucker and Eric Cardora. Part of the "Ideas for an Open Society" series published by the Open Society Institute ( Read more

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