April 2004 Archives (International News)

8th April 2004

New Report: Census Should Count Prisoners in Communities, Not Prisons

650,000 return home each year without adequate services in their communities because inaccurate data deprives communities of public funding and misinforms policymakers, says new report from the Brennan Center for Justice. Read more

14th April 2004

"Prison voting going smoothly" - South African Press Association

Pretoria - Voting in prisons around the country went smoothly, said the Correctional Services Department on Wednesday. Read more

21st April 2004

"UN Human Rights Commission Seeks End To Executions" - AP

The top United Nations human rights body on Wednesday urged governments worldwide to declare a moratorium on executions. In a 29-19 vote, the U.N. Human Rights Commission backed a resolution submitted by European countries that called for the global suspension of the death penalty as the first step to eliminating… Read more

22nd April 2004

Portugal: Report recommends needle exchange or safe injection sites in prisons

A report released in late 2003 by Portugal's Justice Ombudsman (Provedor de Justiça) recommends that Portugal set up needle exchange programs or safe injection sites in prisons. Article by Ralf Jurgens, Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review. Publication of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Read more

26th April 2004

"Prisoner Wins 'Slopping Out' Case: The Scottish Executive is facing huge compensation claims after a judge ruled that "slopping out" in jails amounted to degrading treatment.

In a judgement to be delivered later on Monday, Lord Bonomy has awarded £2,400 to a prisoner at Barlinnie Jail in Glasgow. The inmate claimed that the practice, where prisoners use buckets in their cells, breached his human rights. Scotland's prisons watchdog demanded an end to the practice last October. Read more

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