September 2004 Archives (International News)

2nd September 2004

"Prisons, Profits, and Prophets" by Bill Berkowitz,

The nation's largest private prison corporation joins forces with conservative faith-based ministries. Read more

4th September 2004

"Prisoner suicides rise to record level in overcrowded jails" by Ian Herbert, The Independent

A record number of inmates killed themselves in English jails last month, triggering concerns about the ill effects of the prison population rising so rapidly. Read more

7th September 2004

"Fighting the AIDS Epidemic by Issuing Condoms in the Prisons" by Brent Staples, New York Times

The prison data cries out for an AIDS-prevention strategy that would encompass all of the nation's jails and prisons. At a minimum, the program would give inmates free and open access to condoms. Read more

22nd September 2004

Howard League for Penal Reform calls for the abolition of Anti Social Behaviour Orders for children

"Using anti-social behaviour legislation on children is a nasty political trick. The government is seen to be doing something - but the real challenges are left unmet." Read more

23rd September 2004

A decade later, most states barely use "3 Strikes"

Three Strikes states see less drop in violent crime than "non-strike" states, says Justice Policy Institute. Read more

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