October 2004 Archives (International News)

1st October 2004

"Plan to sell off juvenile jails as job lot" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

The government is to put out to tender all its dedicated juvenile jails that hold children under 18 in a departure in Whitehall's privatisation programme, the Guardian has learned. Read more

4th October 2004

"Prison visits 'cut reoffending'" -- BBC News

Supporting the families of prisoners could significantly cut crime, according to international research. Read more

11th October 2004

"The human cost of zero tolerance" by Ronan Bennett, The Guardian

Joseph Scholes was a disturbed 16-year-old with a history of self-harming. Lawyers, social workers and psychiatrists said he was a high suicide risk. So why was he sent to prison for a minor street crime? Read more

WHO Policy Brief: Reduction of HIV Transmission in Prisons

Joint policy brief from the World Health Organization, UNAIDS and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime supports provision of syringe exchange, bleach, methadone and condoms in prisons. Read more

12th October 2004

U.S. Detained al-Qaeda Suspects "Disappeared", says Human Rights Watch

At least 11 al-Qaeda suspects have "disappeared" in U.S. custody, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. U.S. officials are holding the detainees in undisclosed locations, where some have reportedly been tortured. Read more

14th October 2004

Correctional Service Canada to undertake Safer Tattooing Practices Initiative

From Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review, Volume 9, Number 2, August 2004. Published by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Read more

17th October 2004

"Addicted inmates may get needles" - BBC News

Drug-using prisoners may be given clean needles under a scheme being considered by the Scottish Prison Service. Read more

27th October 2004

Ontario Doctors Call for Needle Exchange Program in Prisons

Ontario Medical Association says clean needles needed to keep public safe from rising HIV and hepatitis C infection rates. Read more

"Improving Our Health: Why is Canada lagging behind in establishing needle exchange programs in prisons?"

Position paper from the Ontario Medical Association calls for the implementation prison syringe exchange programs across Ontario. Read more

31st October 2004

"A generation of troubled youngsters 'criminalised'" by Sophie Goodchild and Andrew Johnson, The Independent (UK)

There are no exact figures, but as many as one in three children in English youth jails are there for breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ABSO). Read more

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