November 2004 Archives (International News)

16th November 2004

"Unjust Mandatory Minimums Strike Again: Weldon Angelos Sentenced to 55 Years and 1 Day in Prison" - Press Release from Families Against Mandatory Minimums

Sentencing "Irrational," Advocates for Fair and Reasonable Sentencing Call for Repeal of Federal Mandatory Minimums Read more

18th November 2004

"Federal prisons ombudsman calls for clean needle exchange for inmates" by John Ward, Canadian Press

The federal prisons ombudsman says Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan should order the establishment of needle exchange programs in penitentiaries. Howard Sapers, officially known as the correctional investigator, said in his annual report Thursday that the Correctional Service of Canada has ignored such recommendations for years. Read more

27th November 2004

"For Blair there is no such thing as legal principle" by Helena Kennedy, The Guardian

Sadly, Labour's law and order drive is more than an election strategy Read more

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