December 2004 Archives (International News)

3rd December 2004

"U.S. Can Use Evidence Gained by Torture" by Michael J. Sniffen, Associated Press

Evidence gained by torture can be used by the U.S. military in deciding whether to imprison a foreigner indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an enemy combatant, the government concedes. Read more

5th December 2004

"Face to face, a victim seeks justice from her burglar" by Mary Riddell, The Observer

Mary Riddell is the first journalist allowed to sit in on a jail experiment in restorative justice that could change the British penal system Read more

6th December 2004

Part 1 - "Scandal of society's misfits dumped in jail" by Nick Davies, The Guardian

Up to 70% of inmates in Britain's jails have mental health disorders. First of a series. Read more

7th December 2004

Part 2 - "Scandal of society's misfits dumped in jail" by Nick Davies, The Guardian

Up to 70% of inmates in Britain's jails have mental health disorders. Second of a series. Read more

8th December 2004

"Wasted lives of the young let down by jail system" by Nick Davies, The Guardian

Concluding his investigation into mentally disordered prisoners, Nick Davies looks at the number of children in prisons which cannot deal with their mental health problems. Read more

Tragic Death of Ahmed Othmani, Chairperson of Penal Reform International

The international prisoners' rights movement lost one of our most dedicated and tireless activists on December 8th when Ahmed Othmani was killed in a car accident in Morocco. Read more

9th December 2004

"Methadone in prison to launch in Bali" by Irene Lorete, Asian Harm Reduction Network - Indonesia

Last week, a training on methadone substitution - for both hospital and prison setting - began in Bali. Read more

15th December 2004

Harm reduction in prisons: a 'rights based analysis' by Thomas Kerr, et al, Critical Public Health, Vol. 14, No. 4, 1-16, 2004

Available evidence indicates that most harm-reduction programmes can be implemented within prisons without compromising security or increasing illicit drug use. Read more

16th December 2004

"Law lords back terror detainees" by Mark Oliver and Sarah Left, The Guardian

Detaining foreigners without trial under emergency anti-terror powers breaks European human rights legislation, law lords ruled today. Read more

17th December 2004

"Judges' verdict on terror laws provokes constitutional crisis" by Clare Dyer, Michael White and Alan Travis, The Guardian

Lord Scott described the regime under which suspects can be detained indefinitely on the say-so of the home secretary with no right to know the grounds for detention as "the stuff of nightmares, associated with France before and during the revolution, with Soviet Russia in the Stalinist era, and now… Read more

27th December 2004

"Why Some Politicians Need Their Prisons to Stay Full" by Brent Staples, New York Times

The mandatory sentencing fad that swept the United States beginning in the 1970's has had dramatic consequences - most of them bad. Read more

29th December 2004

"Drug-taking on high behind bars" - BBC News

Despite mandatory testing being introduced in 1994 across Scottish jails some 76% claimed it had not affected their drug intake. Read more

30th December 2004

"Majority of prisoners take drugs in jail" by Rhiannon Edward, The Scotsman

More than half of Scotland's prisoners have taken drugs while they were in jail, a survey said yesterday. Three-quarters also claimed mandatory drug testing had made no difference to their use. Read more

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