April 2005 Archives (International News)

2nd April 2005

"Out-of-control Asbos a 'menace to society'" by Robert Verkaik, The Independent

The Government's flagship criminal justice measure, the anti-social behaviour order (Asbo), is being widely misused by police and local authorities, MPs have been warned. Read more

7th April 2005

"Anti Social Behaviour Orders: Analysis of the First Six Years - A briefing for the launch of ASBO Concern" by Harry Fletcher

An analysis of the first six years of the use of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders in England. Read more

13th April 2005

"Inmate takes legal action over lack of needle exchange" by Eric Allison, The Guardian

A prisoner who claims that the refusal of the prison service to introduce a needle exchange policy represents a real and immediate risk to his life has started legal proceedings against the home secretary. Read more

14th April 2005

"Jamieson urges action to cut number of women in jail" by Edward Black, The Scotsman

The growing number of women in Scottish prisons must be tackled by passing more non-custodial sentences, Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, told MSPs yesterday. Read more

22nd April 2005

"Prison drug tests 'failing to have impact'" by Michael Howie, The Scotsman

Scottish prison chiefs are to scrap the compulsory drug testing of inmates after admitting it had failed to tackle rising heroin abuse behind bars. Read more

25th April 2005

"Electronic tags fail to prevent offenders from dodging curfews" by Robert Verkaik, Independent (UK)

Electronic tagging is failing to cut crime, ministers will be warned today in a report that also exposes dangerous breaches of what has become a central part of the Government's criminal justice programme. Read more

"Electronically Monitored Curfew Orders: Time for a Review - A Briefing From Napo, The Probation Union" by Harry Fletcher

Napo calls for the scrapping of the electronically monitored curfew order, which it argues is extraordinarily expensive and ineffective. Read more

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