June 2005 Archives (International News)

10th June 2005

"Fighting AIDS Behind Bars" - New York Times Editorial

The United States will never contain deadly diseases like AIDS and hepatitis C until it prevents them from spreading behind bars. Read more

12th June 2005

"Prison Smokescreen" by Tony Newman, Alternet.org

California's new prison smoking ban won't prevent prisoners from lighting up -- but it will increase violence behind bars. Read more

13th June 2005

"Prison 'not a way to cut crime'" - BBC News

The former head of New York's prison system is warning British policymakers that they do not need to jail more offenders in order to cut crime. Read more

15th June 2005

Incarceration of drug offenders: costs and impacts by Dave Bewley-Taylor, Mike Trace and Alex Stevens

Produced by the Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme, a new initiative dedicated to providing a rigorous, independent review of the effectiveness of national and international drug policies. Read more

20th June 2005

"Reliance escort deal could cost taxpayer more" by Peter McMahon, The Scotsman

The contract granted to the controversial firm Reliance to transport prisoners in Scotland could end up costing the taxpayer more than it did in the public sector. Read more

21st June 2005

"Prisons watchdog urged to launch inquiry" by Dan McDougall, The Scotsman

Scotland's prisons watchdog must launch an urgent investigation into the controversial private company in charge of custodial escorts, politicians and academics demanded last night. Read more

28th June 2005

World Prison Population List 6th Edition by the International Centre for Prison Studies

The most comprehensive listing of incarceration rates in more than 200 countries. Read more

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