July 2005 Archives (International News)

20th July 2005

"Jails watchdog investigate prisoner escort firm" by Michael Howie, The Scotsman

Scotland's chief inspector of prisons is preparing to begin a formal examination of prisoner escort services run by Reliance. Read more

28th July 2005

"Inmates rule roost at private jail" by Eric Allison, The Guardian

A private prison was yesterday described as "unsafe", with prisoners bullying staff, and drugs, knives and alcohol freely available. Read more

29th July 2005

Incarceration, Addiction and Harm Reduction: Inmates Experience Injecting Drugs in Prison by Will Small, et.al from Substance Use & Misuse, 40:831-843 (2005)

The goal of this research was to qualitatively examine HIV risk associated with injecting inside British Columbia prisons. Read more

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