August 2005 Archives (International News)

4th August 2005

"Allow smoking in prisons" by Scott Mooneyham, The Sanford Herald

Evidence from other states shows that comprehensive smoking bans may be a cure worse than any disease. Read more

9th August 2005

"30% of Scots prisoners found on drugs at time of release" by Hamish MacDonell, The Scotsman

Almost one third of Scotland's prisoners are using drugs at the time of their release. "These figures clearly show that prisons are not best equipped to treat the problem of drug addiction," says SNP. Read more

30th August 2005

"Harm reduction policies and programs for persons involved in the criminal justice system" by Gerald Thomas, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (May 2005)

Provides current, objective and empirically-based information to inform the implementation of policies and programs for promoting the reduction of harms associated with substance abuse in Canada. Read more

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