November 2005 Archives (International News)

2nd November 2005

"Home Office inquiry team barred from privately run child prisons" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

A former Labour minister called for the contracts of two privately run child jails to be terminated yesterday after they refused access to a Home Office team investigating their use of physical restraint techniques on teenage inmates. Read more

14th November 2005

"Call for free condoms to combat spread of HIV in prisons" by Eric Allison and Paul Lewis, The Guardian

Prisoners should be supplied with free condoms and given access to a needle-exchange system in an effort to combat soaring rates of hepatitis C and HIV among inmates, a report says today. Read more

16th November 2005

"Don't jail under-23s, say researchers", The Guardian

Jailing offenders under the age of 23 is counterproductive as it increases the likelihood that they will commit more serious crimes, researchers said today. Read more

Lost in Transition: A Report of the Barrow Cadbury Commission on Young Adults and the Criminal Justice System

The Commission looked at what could be achieved by way of different approaches to this age group in the future, with regard to prevention of crime, support to individuals and developing greater community trust in the justice system. Read more

18th November 2005

First for Australia - needle exchange program for ACT prison: Press release from the Australian Hepatitis C Council

Simon Corbell, Health Minister for the ACT, has confirmed that a needle exchange trial is to be considered for the new ACT prison. Read more

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