April 2006 Archives (International News)

19th April 2006

Americans Abandon "Punishment Only" Attitudes in Effort to Reduce Crime

National survey by Zogby International reveals "striking support" for rehabilitation both in and after prison Read more

20th April 2006

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug Offences: Myths vs. Reality -- Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

A background document from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network exposes the lack of evidence of effectiveness of mandatory minimum drug sentences. Read more

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug Offences: Why Everyone Loses -- Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Detailed evidence-based examination of the failed record of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences. Read more

27th April 2006

Press release from the Ontario Government: "Central North Correctional Centre Transferring To Public Sector Operation: Private Jail Operation Contract Not Renewed"

Private prison in Ontario transferred to public operation after "no appreciable benefit" found after five years. Read more

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