July 2006 Archives (International News)

8th July 2006

"Ex-ministers warn of revolt over abolition of prisons inspectorate" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

A battery of former cabinet ministers have accused the government of wanting to abolish the independent post of chief inspector of prisons simply to remove "a thorn in the ample flesh" of successive home secretaries. Read more

14th July 2006

"Women prisoner numbers up a third" by Michael Howie, The Scotsman

Scottish ministers have failed to meet pledges to cut the number of women in prison according to new figures which reveal a one-third rise in the female jail population in the last five years. Read more

16th July 2006

"Ex-prisons chief launches broadside at 'gutless' Blair" by Ned Temko, Jamie Doward and Ali Beach, The Observer

The former head of the Prison Service launched a withering attack yesterday on Tony Blair's record, accusing the government of lacking 'the guts' to admit that thousands of imprisoned children, mentally ill people and petty offenders did not belong behind bars. Read more

27th July 2006

"The Punitiveness Report -- HARD HIT: The Growth in Imprisonment of Women, 1977-2004"

A new report commissioned by the Institute on Women & Criminal Justice finds that female imprisonment in the U.S. has skyrocketed 757 percent since 1977. Read more

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