January 2007 Archives (International News)

10th January 2007

CANADA: "Importation of drugs into jails increases despite new efforts to stem trafficking" from CanWest News Service

The importation of illegal drugs into jails has increased over the past five years despite several new to curb the flow, an internal government audit shows. Read more

15th January 2007

"Federal drug strategy flawed: study" by Peter O'Neill, Vancouver Sun

A new Canadian study says roughly three-quarters of federal spending to fight illegal drugs is going towards unproven and possibly counterproductive enforcement measures while an insignificant amount is being spent on potentially more effective "harm-reduction" measures. Read more

19th January 2007

"Coroner Calls for Clean Syringes in Jails" by Rosemary Desmond, Australian Associated Press

Following an inquest into an inmate's injection drug overdose at the Woodford Correctional Center, Queensland Coroner Michael Barnes has come out in support of clean syringe access for prisoners. Read more

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