April 2007 Archives (International News)

8th April 2007

"Hidden costs of locking people up" by Jamie Doward and Denis Campbell, The Observer

Once additional public costs - such as foster care for prisoners' children and income support - are factored in, the cost of imprisoning for a year soars by nearly a third. Read more

10th April 2007

"Governors call for fewer jailings, not more jails" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

Prison governors have delivered an urgent warning to ministers that building new jails will not solve the criminal justice crisis and that too many minor offenders with mental health and alcohol problems are being locked up. Read more

18th April 2007

"More jails will not solve overcrowding crisis, warns Woolf" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

Former lord chief justice urges sentencing change. Courts 'should be told financial cost of prison' Read more

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