June 2007 Archives (International News)

19th June 2007

"25,000 criminals up for early release" by David Byers, The Times

More than 25,000 prisoners will be released in the next year under an emergency plan announced by the Government today to ease chronic prison overcrowding in England and Wales. Read more

"Children's jail staff given wider powers of restraint" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

The rules governing the use of restraint techniques based on inflicting pain in privately-run children's jails are to be widened to allow staff to use them to enforce everyday discipline, the Ministry of Justice confirmed yesterday. Read more

20th June 2007

"Britain's prisons reek of a wretchedly backward nation" by Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Our penal policy is an inhumane shambles, and betrays an attitude to crime that favours repression over reform Read more

"1,500 to be released early as prison crisis bites" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

Between 1,500 and 1,800 non-dangerous offenders are to be released from prison next week, 18 days before the end of their sentence, in an effort to ease the prison crisis. The extension of the early release scheme was announced yesterday by Lord Falconer, the justice secretary, after the daily prison… Read more

24th June 2007

"Magistrates' jailing powers to be slashed" by Jamie Doward, The Observer

The Government will this week spark a new war with the judiciary by stripping England and Wales's 30,000 magistrates of powers to hand out suspended jail terms, in a fresh bid to ease the prisons crisis. Read more

"Sentenced to filth, chaos and mayhem in our jails" by Anne Owers, The Sunday Times

As 25,000 criminals get early release to ease overcrowding, this chief inspector of prisons offers a longer term solution Read more

25th June 2007

"Prisons must be a priority for Brown" by Erwin James, The Guardian

Tony Blair leaves behind a prison system that shames our society, says Erwin James. The new prime minister must do better Read more

27th June 2007

"Criminal justice and prisons" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

The prison overcrowding crisis will sharply limit Downing Street's room for manoeuvre over criminal justice policy, with a renewed surge in numbers expected in October. Gordon Brown must be hoping that a new package of emergency measures, including the 18-day end of custody licence, will get the prisons through to… Read more

28th June 2007

"Repeated mistakes lead to inmate deaths: study" by Joanna Smith, Globe and Mail

Fewer inmates might have died in custody if the federal prison service had followed its own policies, acted on recommendations and, in many cases, checked to see whether prisoners were alive, a new study shows. Read more

"Judges seem willing to cap prison population" by Nancy Vogel, Los Angeles Times

Two federal judges charged with forcing changes to California's troubled, overcrowded prisons expressed doubt Wednesday that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would turn the system around, and indicated a willingness to move toward capping the inmate population. Read more

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