July 2007 Archives (International News)

4th July 2007

"Bush Rationale on Libby Stirs Legal Debate" by Adam Liptak, The New York Times

In commuting I. Lewis Libby Jr.'s 30-month prison sentence on Monday, President Bush drew on the same array of arguments about the federal sentencing system often made by defense lawyers - and routinely and strenuously opposed by his own Justice Department. Read more

"Prisoners launch legal action over 'appalling' conditions"

Two prisoners have launched a high court action, claiming they have been kept in conditions so bad that their human rights have been violated. Read more

7th July 2007

"Rock stars urge prisoners to escape through music" by Alexandra Topping, The Guardian

Bragg and ex-Clash member offer inmates guitars and a chance to change their lives Read more

8th July 2007

"French President rules out Bastille Day prisoner pardon", The Irish Independent

The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy has ruled out a traditional mass pardon of prisoners to coincide with the French national holiday, Bastille Day. Read more

9th July 2007

"Fear of prison riots as Sarkozy rejects pardon" by Kim Willsher, The Guardian

The French president Nicolas Sarkozy will not give a traditional Bastille Day pardon to thousands of prisoners in the country's overcrowded jails, raising fears that disappointed inmates could riot. Read more

10th July 2007

"Learning to help the vulnerable" by Erwin James, The Guardian

The findings of a Prison Reform Trust research project, No One Knows, must trigger urgent action, argues Erwin James Read more

11th July 2007

"Open jails fail to help high-risk prisoners, says inspector" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

The policy of putting high-risk prisoners, including sex offenders and those coming to the end of life sentences, in open jails before their release is questioned today by the chief inspector of prisons. Read more

'Odd is good' by Iain Aitch, The Guardian

The Koestler awards, a 'Turner prize for prisoners', are finally making it into the mainstream. Iain Aitch reports Read more

"Initiative targets prison reform" by Jana Donovan , The Prague Post

Being sensitive to a person's individual needs was never a concern under communism. Nearly two decades later, it's still not a priority - at least, not in the criminal justice system. Read more

19th July 2007

"Corporate killing law to include police and prisons as Government admits defeat", by Frances Gibb, The Times

Prisons and police authorities will be liable for prosecution over deaths of people held in custody after a final defeat of the Government over the scope of new corporate manslaughter laws. Read more

31st July 2007

"'Kafkaesque' indeterminate sentences stretch prisons", by Ben Russell, The Independent

Prisons are being stretched to breaking point by the huge increase in "ferocious and unjust" indeterminate jail sentences, penal reformers have warned. Read more

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