August 2007 Archives (International News)

2nd August 2007

"This is your prison scandal, Prime Minister" by Camilla Cavendish, The Times

Until a few weeks ago I thought a "get out of jail free" card was something you could only find on the Monopoly board. Now the British Government is handing them out for real, because the jails are full. Read more

6th August 2007

"Mr Justice Dermot Kinlen", The Times

The Republic of Ireland's first Inspector of Prisons who confounded expectations by a succession of reports calling attention to the deplorable state of the country's prisons Read more

7th August 2007

"It's worth a 'spin'", by Erwin James, The Guardian

Prisoners don't like having their cells - or their bodies - searched, but Erwin James argues that abandoning spins and strips would be foolish Read more

9th August 2007

"£950m bill forces rethink on computer tracking of offenders" by Alan Travis, The Guardian

The future of the computer system that is supposed to keep track of 300,000 offenders a year who are in prison or on probation is in doubt after ministers halted the programme this week. Read more

13th August 2007

"Little extra help for children in custody", The Times

Government agency accused of burying research by children's experts Read more

15th August 2007

"Prison Population Set to Hit New Record", The Guardian

The prison population could reach a new record high just weeks after the government's controversial early release scheme was introduced, it was claimed today. Read more

16th August 2007

"Prison officers vote to strike over pay", by James Orr, The Guardian

Prison officers across England and Wales have voted for possible strike action unless their continued demand for a pay increase is met. Read more

20th August 2007

"Prison Service warned to stop using court cells overnight", The Guardian

Serious concerns about housing inmates in court cells during the height of the jail overcrowding crisis were raised by watchdogs today. Read more

26th August 2007

"Indeterminate sentence reform urged", The Guardian

Controversial prison sentences which have been criticised by the High Court should be "fundamentally reformed", a human rights organisation has said. Read more

27th August 2007

"Crime suspects swap cells for city flats to ease prison crowding" by Richard Ford, The Times

Thousands of crime suspects are to be housed in flats and houses in cities around England and Wales while awaiting trial, in an emergency measure to ease prison overcrowding. Read more

28th August 2007

"More prisons are not the answer to punishing criminals, says poll" by Julian Glover, The Guardian

A Guardian/ICM poll published today overturns the assumption that the public think tough prison sentences are the best way to tackle crime. It shows that a majority of voters think the government should scrap its prison building programme and find other ways to punish criminals. Read more

30th August 2007

"Simmering anger that finally boiled over" by Duncan Campbell, The Guardian

Overcrowded jails, poor pay, Prison Service legal actions against the union, a majority of prisoners with mental and drug problems, and the risks of assault from an increasingly disgruntled prison population. These are just a few of the many grievances held by Britain's prison officers that led to yesterday's sudden… Read more

"Jailhouses rocked", The Guardian

The work is far from glamorous and brutal misconduct is not unknown among those who carry it out. So when prison officers yesterday embarked on a wildcat strike they were poorly placed to win the sympathy that met the Fire Brigades Union when it took on the government in 2002.… Read more

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