September 2007 Archives (International News)

2nd September 2007

"Let's unlock the potential of the people we lock up" by Jasper Gerard, The Observer

'They can shove their offer up their arse.' So concluded one local union leader addressing striking prison officers, who cheered wildly at this Prescottian flourish. And then it struck me: how surprised should we be that prisoners, entrusted to the care of such people, so manifestly fail to reform while… Read more

16th September 2007

"Prisons awash with heroin substitute" by Jamie Doward and Johnny McDevitt, The Observer

The use of a heroin substitute as a recreational drug is spreading across Britain's prison system 'like wildfire', according to new research. In some prisons as many as 70 per cent of inmates regularly take Subutex illegally, the research found, and many former offenders are returning to civilian life with… Read more

17th September 2007

"Prisoners should join the PC brigade" by Erwin James, The Guardian

Governors should give inmates access to computers in their cells, says Erwin James Read more

21st September 2007

"600 custody deaths in 2006, study finds", by David Batty, The Guardian

There were around 600 deaths in custody in England and Wales last year, a third of them suicides, according to a report published today. Read more

23rd September 2007

"Multibillion pound 'shambolic' penal agency to be axed" by Jamie Doward , The Observer

The government was accused last night of presiding over a 'shambolic penal policy' after it emerged it is to dismantle its multibillion pound flagship programme to protect the public and cut crime. Read more

24th September 2007

"Trial of campaigner highlights deaths in women's prisons" by Steven Morris and Eric Allison, The Guardian

The growing number of women taking their own lives while in prison will be highlighted this week when a leading campaigner is put on trial for protesting outside a jail. Read more

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