September 2009 Archives (International News)

11th September 2009

Reducing child imprisonment in England and Wales - lessons from abroad.

A new report published by the Prison Reform Trust (UK) identifies a number of successful international approaches to reducing child and youth imprisonment and cutting crime. Read more

Children Need Dads Too - Children with fathers in prison PDF documents

A new publication from the Quakers United Nations Office identifies that children are heavily impacted by parental imprisonment, and greater attention should be given to their rights, needs and welfare in criminal justice policy and practice. Read more

16th September 2009

Investing in young would save £486 billion over 20 years, says new UK research.

A new report, 'Backing the Future' has been launched by children’s charity Action for Children and nef (the new economics foundation). Read more

18th September 2009

England: Prison Councils to enable prisoners to participate

"We need a structure that enables prisoners to participate," writes Mark Johnson of Uservoice on a pilot project that will see Prison Councils set up in three English prisons. Read more

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