January 2010 Archives (International News)

14th January 2010

MPs say £4.2 billion plan for prison expansion is a costly mistake

An article by Alan Travis in the Guardian outlines how the Commons select committee report on justice describes how money would be better spent on rehabilitation and prevention to cut crime as opposed to expanding the prison building programme. Read more

15th January 2010

Cutting crime: the case for justice reinvestment (England & Wales)

A new report from a Commons select committee has identified that the current prison building programme is unsustainable, and the cash would be better spent on rehabilitation and prevention so as to cut crime. Read more

20th January 2010

NY Times: 'City Signals Intent to Put Fewer Teenagers in Jail'

The mayor's office has announced plans to merge the city’s Department of Juvenile Justice into its child welfare agency. This signals a "more therapeutic approach toward delinquency" that will see fewer young offenders sent to prison. Read more

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