February 2010 Archives (International News)

4th February 2010

UK: The Importance of Skills and Training in Successful Reintegration

A report introduced in the UK today puts skills and training at the forefront as the key to aiding reintegration and reducing re-offending. Read more

8th February 2010

NY Times: 'Prisoners of Parole'

New initiatives in Hawaii seeking to reduce probation violations signal a new approach to criminal justice policy. Read more

17th February 2010

Guardian: Where's the victim support for troubled perpetrators?

A Guardian article highlights the familiar story that many young offenders are themselves victims. Read more

19th February 2010

Scotland: Police Chief calls for radical overhaul of community sentences

Chief constable of Lothian and Borders Police, David Strang, calls for a radical change in way the system as a whole works to prevent crime rather than simply mop up the aftermath. Read more

24th February 2010

UK: Prisons Inspectorate and Investing in 'Not Prison'

Dame Anne Owers takes an opportunity to highlight the progress made, and the distance yet to go. Read more

26th February 2010

UK: Families Workshops in Prison

The provision of families workshops in prison is providing many men with real incentives to change their lives. Read more

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