March 2010 Archives (International News)

1st March 2010

UK: Spending public resources to imprison children is making society less safe

'Punishing costs: How locking up children is making Britain less safe' is a new report from the Social Economics Foundation, which presents new results on the full cost to society of the use of prisons. It outlines a policy to change the pattern of public spending for a safer and… Read more

10th March 2010

UK: The Cost of Short Sentences

A new report by the National Audit Office in the UK highlights the social and economic cost of short sentences. Read more

US: Downsizing the Prison Population

The reduction of the prison population is the focus of two US reports. Read more

NI: Community Service Schemes Receive a Glowing Report

A report released in NI today examines the Probation Board's Community Service schemes. Read more

16th March 2010

Not a Marginal Issue: Mental Health and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland

A new report from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate of Northern Ireland follows the treatment of people with mental health problems through the criminal justice system, starting with the police, moving through prosecution and the courts and ending up with prisons and probation. Read more

23rd March 2010

UK: Cross-party Committee Report on Crime Prevention

A new report by the cross-party Home Affairs Committee has called on the government to place more emphasis on early intervention when it comes to dealing with potential young offenders. Read more

25th March 2010

Irish Examiner: North's Justice Ministry Urges Alternatives to Criminal Prosecution

Alliance leader and the man tipped for the North's justice post, David Ford, makes promising noises about alternatives to prison. Read more

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