April 2010 Archives (International News)

19th April 2010

NI: Addressing Offending by Women

A new literature review by Dr Una Convery examines women offenders’ needs and approaches adopted towards women in terms of policy and practice to address their offending. It is intended to help inform the development of best practice in the approaches adopted towards women who offend in Northern Ireland. Read more

20th April 2010

U.S: State Prison Population Declines for First Time in 38 Years

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the number of state prisoners in the United States has declined, according to survey data compiled by the Public Safety Performance Project of the Pew Center on the States, in partnership with the Association of State Correctional Administrators Read more

NI: Annual Report 2008/09 of the IMB for Hydebank Wood

The Independent Monitoring Board for Northern Ireland has published the Annual Report for 2008/09 for Hydebank Wood Prison and Young Offenders Centre, including 54 recommendations. Read more

23rd April 2010

England & Wales: Prison population hits record 85,000 after end of early release scheme

In an article in 'The Guardian', Alan Travis reports on soaring numbers in prisons in England & Wales; the article also reports that community sentences shown to have a lower re-offending rate than short prison sentences. Read more

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