July 2010 Archives (International News)

15th July 2010

England & Wales: New report urges greater use of restorative justice in reducing youth offending

Restorative justice crucial to making a fresh start in tackling youth crime, according to a new report. ‘Time for a Fresh Start’ is the result of the first-ever independent inquiry into youth crime and antisocial behaviour. Read more

19th July 2010

NY and UK: Use of restraint in youth custody

NY Times reports on a significant expansion of mental health services for youths in custody and new restrictions on the use of physical restraint, just as the Observer (UK) reports on shocking revelations about 'Physical Control in Care' manual used in private jails for young offenders. Read more

22nd July 2010

The Economist: Rough Justice in America

Never in the modern world have so many people been locked behind bars for so little. Read more

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