September 2010 Archives (International News)

5th September 2010

Guardian: So, prison's a party, is it?

Sir Ian Blair is the former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, writing here about Ken Clarke's proposals to change prison policy. Read more

8th September 2010

Ottowa Citizen: Canada's prisons not ready for inmate surge

A Federal report shows that the Canadian prison system is ill-equipped to deal with an anticipated surge in inmates. Read more

9th September 2010

State Sponsored Cruelty: Children in Immigration Detention

Medical Justice have released a report which represents the first large scale exploration, in the UK, of the physical and psychological harms caused and aggravated by the detention of children for immigration purposes. Read more

14th September 2010

Punishing Disadvantage: a profile of children in custody

A new report from the Prison Reform Trust and the Institute for Criminal Policy Research provides compelling evidence for the existence of pathways from disadvantage to the prison. Read more

15th September 2010

YouGov/Prison Reform Trust Poll

A poll commissioned by the UK's Prison Reform Trust on the public's attitudes towards the imprisonment of children. Read more

28th September 2010

Guardian: Former prisons chief attacks Jack Straw over penal reform stance

Barnardos CEO criticises the political game that will get in the way of penal policy reform. Read more

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