October 2010 Archives (International News)

6th October 2010

UK: Plans for prisoners to work 40-hour week

Announcements have been made this week about plans to get prisoners working a full 40-hour week instead of spending their days in "enforced idleness" in prison cells. However, the extent to which such proposals would be workable in chronically overcrowded Irish prisons is less clear. Read more

12th October 2010

US: Public Attitudes on Crime and Punishment

A report from the Pew Center's Public Safety Performance Project on a national poll carried out in the US to explore public attitudes toward crime and punishment. Read more

14th October 2010

UK: The Reality of Short Term Prison Sentences

Research carried out by the Howard League for Penal Reform, in collaboration with the Prison Governors' Association, has shown that many prison governors do not believe that short sentences are effective. Read more

21st October 2010

England & Wales: Pledge to reduce prison numbers

Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke has pledged to stem prisoner numbers and reduce the current prison population of 85,000 by 3,000 in four years. This will be achieved through sentencing reforms and the "rehabilitation revolution". Read more

28th October 2010

US: 'Mothers Behind Bars'

'Mothers Behind Bars' is a new U.S. report from the Rebecca Project for Human Rights and the National Women's Law Center, analysing federal and state policies on conditions of confinement for pregnant and parenting women and the effect upon their children. Read more

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