November 2010 Archives (International News)

5th November 2010

Economic Climate's Positive Effect on U.S. Prison Policy

From the 1980s America has seen an explosion in prison numbers, becoming the world leader in regards the rate of incarceration. Every year since 1985 has seen a rise in the levels of people behind bars. A natural corollary of this has been massive growth in the cost of corrections… Read more

10th November 2010

Canadian's Doubling Up Prison Cells

Canada is in the process of increasing their prison expenditure 2.1 billion dollars by 2014 a large amount of which has been allocated to prison expansion to deal with what is becoming a serious problem of overcrowding within the state. A repercussion of this growing prison population and overcrowding is… Read more

18th November 2010

UK: Children and Young People in Custody 2009-10

HM Inspectorate of Prisons and the Youth Justice Board have published a new report detailing the experiences of children and young people in prison custody. Read more

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