January 2012 Archives (International News)

17th January 2012

UK: 'Rules of Engagement: Changing the Heart of Youth Justice'

A policy report by the Centre for Social Justice/Youth Justice Working Group, examining the efficiency of the Youth Justice System in the UK, has just been published. Read more

UK: 'Looked After Children and Offending: Reducing Risk and Promoting Resilience'

A new report by The Adolescent and Children's Trust (TACT) and the Centre for the Research on the Child and the Family at the University of East Anglia looks at the correlation between children in care and offending. Read more

25th January 2012

UK: Old enough to know better? Young adults in the UK criminal justice system

As part of its 'Out of Trouble' campaign,the Prison Reform Trust has published a briefing on young adults in the criminal justice system in England and Wales. Read more

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