August 2010 Archives (IPRT in the News)

1st August 2010

Sunday Tribune: Prison population over 5,000

In the Sunday Tribune, Ali Bracken, Crime Correspondent, reports on latest figures from the Irish Prison Service (IPS) which show further increases in prisoner numbers. Read more

3rd August 2010

Irish Independent: Cost of locking up prisoners down by €15,000 per inmate

Dearbhail McDonald, Legal Editor, reports in the 'Irish Independent' on the falling costs of housing a prisoner in 2009. IPRT's Liam Herrick challenges the figures, questioning whether monies saved through chronic overcrowding can be viewed as 'success'. Read more

7th August 2010

Irish Examiner: Most jail terms last year were for minor offences

More then half the prison population is now made up of people charged with road traffic offences and non-payment of court ordered fines. Read more

9th August 2010

Irish Examiner: Prison Crisis 'Out of Control'

While the figures from the IPS Annual Report 2009 are alarming, we must remember that these are now 7 months out of date. Read more

10th August 2010

Irish Examiner: Low level drug dealers receiving long sentences

While criminal bosses escape prison, small and low level drug dealers are getting long jail terms. Read more

11th August 2010

RTÉ, Pat Kenny: The Management of Sex Offenders

Liam was a contributor on today's Pat Kenny radio show, which looked at the public fears surrounding Larry Murphy's release as well as other issues pertaining to sex offenders in general. Read more

16th August 2010

How and why temporary release is currently being used

Too many people are unnecessarily clogging up the prison system, which is contributing to prison over-crowding and a reliance on temporary release. Read more

Evening Herald: Mountjoy dungeons to boost cell capacity

Charlie Mallon, writing in the 'Evening Herald', reports on overcrowding in Irish prisons. Read more

26th August 2010

Evening Herald: A prison service on the edge

The 'Evening Herald' highlights concerns over the increasing prisoner population, including those voiced by IPRT. Read more

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