February 2011 Archives (IPRT in the News)

3rd February 2011

Irish Examiner: '7,000 jailed over fines despite new laws'

Writing in the 'Irish Examiner', Jennifer Hough reports that 6,681 people were jailed last year for non-payment of court fines, despite the Fines Act 2010 - legislation which provides alternatives to imprisonment - being signed into law eight months ago. The article reports on IPRT's concerns at "soaring numbers" continuing… Read more

Irish Times: 'Penal reform fines legislation'

'The Irish Times' reports on IPRT's calls on an incoming government to commit to enacting legislation ensuring that the practice of imprisoning people for non-payment of fines is brought to an end, and to ensure the full operation of the Fines Act. Read more

6th February 2011

Sunday Mirror: Ireland lagging on jail privacy

In the Sunday Mirror, Samuel Hamilton reports on new figures which reveal that almost half of the men held in Irish prisons must use the toilet in front of other prisoners. Read more

10th February 2011

RTÉ: Irish prisons 'degrading and dangerous'

Europe's leading human rights organisation has found evidence of degrading, dangerous and hazardous conditions in many Irish prisons, reports RTÉ. Read more

Irish Independent: Ireland 'shamed' by prison report

An article in the 'Irish Independent' highlights the state of prison conditions in Ireland, showing that prison reform is urgently needed. Read more

Sunshine FM: Dublin's Talking interviews Liam Herrick on the CPT report

Executive Director, Liam Herrick talks to Dublin's Talking presenter Lynsey Dolan about the results from the CPT report. Read more

Irish Times: 'Ombudsman calls for St Patrick's detention centre to be closed'

'The Irish Times' reports on the Ombudsman for Children's report on St.Patrick's Institution which gives accounts of young people's experiences of the prison. Read more

11th February 2011

Irish Times: CPT - what it says about Irish prisons

Across three articles, 'The Irish Times' reports on the findings of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Punishment or Treatment (CPT). Read more

Irish Examiner: 'Committee on torture blasts ‘degrading’ Irish prison conditions'

'The Irish Examiner' reports on the findings of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Punishment or Treatment (CPT) on its most recent visit to inspect places of detention in Ireland. Read more

The Cork News: Damning EU report criticises Cork Prison

The Cork News focuses on the conditions in Cork Prison which were published in the CPT report. Read more

21st February 2011

Politico.ie: Manifestos focus on reform, but does this extend to Ireland’s penal system?

Crime has been notably absent as an issue in this election campaign - from one perspective this may be positive, writes Liam Herrick of the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) Read more

23rd February 2011

Today FM: Is crime the forgotten issue of General Election 2011?

Quite possibly the only debate to focus on justice issues during this election campaign, Matt Cooper talked to IPRT's Liam Herrick, DRCC's Ellen O'Malley Dunlop, John Curran (FF) and Pat Rabbitte (Lab) on 'The Last Word'. Read more

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