January 2012 Archives (IPRT in the News)

7th January 2012

The Irish Times: 'Adult prison facility used for minors 262 times'

There were 262 committals of 16 and 17-year old boys to St Patrick's Institution in 2011, according to an article in 'The Irish Times'. This represents an increase of 19% on 2010. Read more

15th January 2012

RTÉ 'This Week': Imprisonment of boys in St. Patrick's Institution YouTube

"Nobody deserves St Patrick's as it's currently configured" - RTÉ's 'This Week' focuses on the ongoing imprisonment of boys in St Patrick's Institution. Read more

18th January 2012

Limerick prison dirty and unhygienic according to report

A report published by the Inspector of Prisons has highlighted the inadequate conditions in Limerick prison and the need for change. Read more

20th January 2012

Irish Times letters: 'Wanted - Emergency Budget'

"We need a Plan B. We urge the Government to adopt emergency policy measures that can create jobs, generate sustainable growth, raise incomes and reduce poverty. This is the only sustainable route to economic recovery and fiscal stability." Read more

The Irish Times: Call for overhaul of drugs sentencing

Stephen Carroll and Carol Coulter report on IPRT's response to the Law Reform Commissions Consultation paper on mandatory sentencing for drug offences. Read more

23rd January 2012

Irish Examiner: 'Children’s groups critical of Government failings'

Caroline O'Doherty reports that government failures to protect children’s health, welfare and rights are still rife according to the Children's Rights Alliance Report Card 2012. Read more

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