February 2012 Archives (IPRT in the News)

8th February 2012

Ireland AM discusses reducing the prison populations with Liam Herrick and John O'Keefe

This week, Ireland AM featured a discussion on the need to reduce the prisoner population of Ireland over time. There are currently over 4,500 people incarcerated in Ireland, at a cost of about €77,000 per prisoner per year. Read more

13th February 2012

The Irish Times: Prison should be last resort for all categories of offender

An opinion piece by Liam Herrick, IPRT Executive Director, outlines that crime is a social phenomenon, and policy must respond to that. Read more

21st February 2012

RTÉ 1 Arena: 'The Old Triangle' at the Abbey Theatre

On Sunday February 26th 2012, a host of Irish writers and musicians gathered at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin to celebrate the work of IPRT. Reporter Evelyn O'Rourke spoke to some of the artists in advance. Read more

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