July 2012 Archives (IPRT in the News)

19th July 2012

Prisons are used as A & E trolleys for mentally ill, according to Clinical Director of Central Mental Hospital

In the first of a two-part report by The Medical Times, Gary Culliton reveals the challenges facing severely mentally ill prisoners in Mountjoy. Read more

24th July 2012

Irish Examiner: 'Number of people jailed over fines to reach record'

Cormac O'Keeffe reports that there were 4,470 committals for non-payment of fines in the first six months of 2012. Read more

27th July 2012

The Irish Times: 'Punishment in Prison'

IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick questions the use of prison as punishment for 'white collar'and non-violent crimes, in response to Fintan O'Toole's Irish Times article 'Quinn's jail priveleges show touch of class'. Read more

RTE Radio 1 Drivetime: The use of open prisons in Ireland

IPRT's Liam Herrick featured in RTE Drivetime's feature on open prisons in Ireland. Following the committal of Sean Quinn Jnr to Mountjoy prison for civil contempt, and his subsequent transfer to the 'open'Training Unit, debate in relation to prison as punishment has emerged. Read more

31st July 2012

Reducing prisoner 'gratuity' is negative, miserly and punitive

IPRT Board member, Dr Kevin Warner, outlines why reducing prisoner 'gratuity' is a complex and far-reaching issue. Read more

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