September 2012 Archives (IPRT in the News)

19th September 2012

RTÉ: Release of life sentenced prisoners

The release of a high profile life sentenced prisoner who has served 30 years in prison has brought the media spotlight back on sentencing, parole processes and reintegration following release. Read more

26th September 2012

Irish Examiner: 'Ad hoc rules need reform'

Writing in today's 'Irish Examiner', Michael Clifford picks up on issues around sentencing and consistency discussed at the IPRT Annual Lecture 2012. Read more

28th September 2012

Irish Examiner: 7% of inmates locked up for 23 hours, 30% of St Pat’s locked up for 20+ hours a day

In two articles in the 'Irish Examiner', Cormac O'Keefe reports on the numbers being held on protection across the prison estate, with particular focus on the numbers held on protection in St Patrick's Institution. Read more

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