April 2004 Archives (News & Press Releases)

6th April 2004

McDowell's Prison Plans "recycled U.S. policy failures of 20 years ago",

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has today criticised Minister Michael McDowell's plans for massive prison expansion and the introduction on mandatory minimum sentencing, calling these initiatives "recycled U.S. policy failures of 20 years ago". Read more

7th April 2004

McDowell Plan will make Ireland one of EU's top jailers, and increase prison spending by up to €100 million annually

Michael McDowell's massive prison expansion plans will make Ireland one of the top jailers in the European Union, according to the Irish Penal Reform Trust. It will also increase annual prison spending by as much as €100 million per year. Read more

19th April 2004

Irish Times Opinion Piece: Prison voting essential to any democracy

On March 30th, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that denying prisoners the right to vote contravened the European Convention on Human Rights. This is a good decision for all of us, writes Rick Lines in The Irish Times. Read more

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