May 2010 Archives (News & Press Releases)

8th May 2010

Irish Times: Saturday interview with outgoing Governor Kathleen McMahon

In the Saturday Interview in 'The Irish Times', Kathy Sheridan spoke to outgoing governor of the Dóchas Centre, Kathleen McMahon. Read more

9th May 2010

Sunday Tribune: 'I love it here at Dóchas'

In an article in the Sunday Tribune, Ali Bracken, describes the regime, as she found it on a recent visit, in the Dóchas Centre (Mountjoy women's prison.) Read more

Independent: The Turmoil in our Prisons

Two articles in the Independent expose the complexities of gang culture in Irish prisons. Read more

11th May 2010

News Items of Interest

A book launch on desistance and an MA opportunity at DIT. Read more

12th May 2010

Opportunity: LLM Criminal Justice at UCC

University College Cork are currently seeking applicants for their innovative Criminal Justice LLM. Read more

4th Annual Criminal Law Conference PDF documents

The 4th annual Criminal Law Conference is being hosted at UCC on Friday 11th June. Read more

13th May 2010

Governor of Mountjoy Prison Announces Early Retirement

John Lonergan, Governor of Mountjoy Prison since 1984, yesterday announced his early retirement. Read more


We need to hear a concrete plan from the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform that does not rely on the white-elephant solution of Thornton Hall, and we need to hear it with urgency. Read more

Irish Examiner: Roll-out of Successful Juvenile Programme

A scheme which showed a 64% drop in youth crime is to be rolled out nationally. Read more

14th May 2010

Irish Times: Minimise use of custody with fewer but better cells

Professor Ian O'Donnell, writing in the Irish Times, presses home the need for a rethink of penal expansionism. Read more

15th May 2010

Examiner: Reason squeezed out in debate on overcrowding

In the 'Irish Examiner', Caroline O’Doherty details the ills of overcrowding in Mountjoy prison. She asks: "If half the official occupancy of the prison are on edge, what’s that likely to do to the other half?" Read more

17th May 2010

Sunday Tribune: Governor Lonergan criticizes Thornton Hall plans

The Governor of Mountjoy, who has taken early retirement, has stated that prisons should not be hidden - they should be out in the open. Read more

21st May 2010


IPRT are launching a new research report "It's like stepping on a landmine..." - Report on Reintegration of Prisoners in Ireland. The report assesses the current provision of reintegration services and support for prisoners on release from prison, identifies key systemic failures, and makes 14 recommendations for necessary improvements. Read more

Mountjoy Under Spotlight at Justice Committee Meeting

Former Mountjoy Visiting Committee member, Paul Mckay, appeared yesterday before the Justice Committee to express his concern at the conditions in the prison. Read more

24th May 2010

Drug Treatment Court to be Expanded

The numbers being processed through the Drug Treatment Court are to be expanded following a review which shows that the scheme has reduced reoffending rates. Read more

25th May 2010

IPRT Report details Practical Steps to address ‘Revolving Door’

The latest report from the Irish Penal Reform Trust, '“It’s like stepping on a landmine…” - Reintegration of Prisoners in Ireland', details the steps that need to be take to address high recidivism rates in Ireland. Read more

31st May 2010

Fines Bill said to cut prison numbers

Almost 5,000 people were sent to jail last year for failing to pay a fine; the Fines Bill 2009 was signed into law by the President on 2nd June 2010. Read more

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