June 2010 Archives (News & Press Releases)

9th June 2010

50% increase in prisoners sitting Leaving Cert exams

117 prisoners are sitting Leaving Cert exams, and 161 are taking Junior Certificate subjects in the exams which start today. Given the chronic conditions that many of our prisoners live in, this is truly an achievement... Read more

RTÉ Primetime interviews recently retired Governor of Mountjoy

In an interview featured on RTÉ's Primetime, John Lonergan reflects on his 42 years with the Irish Prison Service, outlining his opposition to Thornton Hall, among other critical issues. Read more

18th June 2010

Homeless woman in forced release from Dóchas Centre

'The Irish Times' has reported on a case of a woman prisoner who, after being granted Temporary Release, refused to leave the Dóchas Centre in Dublin as she had no home to go to, writes Agnieszka Martynowicz. Read more

21st June 2010

IPRT Forum to Address Exploding Prisoner Numbers

In response to reports of 938 (17.9%) prisoners out on temporary release, with 4,274 prisoners in custody, IPRT is calling on the Government for an urgent review of sentencing practice and policy, rather than persisting with its “white elephant” proposals to build more prison spaces Read more

Prison population reaches 5,212

'The Irish Times' reports that the prison population has reached 5,212, with 4,274 in custody and a record 938 prisoners out on temporary release. Read more

Irish Times: 'Public's right to know trumps privacy rights'

Carol Coulter reports in 'The Irish Times' on a High Court judgment that ruled in favour of freedom of expression over an individual's right to privacy. Read more

22nd June 2010

Irish Times: 'Prison not always the answer'

An editorial in 'The Irish Times' today calls for sentence reform, a greater use of community service orders, and the development of restorative justice. Read more

24th June 2010

The Northern Ireland Prison Population in 2009

The Department of Justice in Northern Ireland has released figures on the prison population in Northern Ireland. Read more

28th June 2010

Community courts can play a role in our criminal justice system

Judge Michael Reilly the inspector of prisons describes how both numbers of criminal offences and the prison population can be reduced. Read more

IPRT Forum to address exploding prisoner numbers, as numbers reach 4,317

As the numbers in prison reached 4,317 (Fri 25th June), with 941 out on temporary release, bringing the total in the prison system to 5,258, IPRT believes that a review of sentencing practice and policy has never been more urgent. Read more

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