July 2010 Archives (News & Press Releases)

14th July 2010

Drug-related deaths among recently released prisoners in Ireland

A new study has investigated deaths following release from prison among individuals recorded on the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) from 1998 to 2005. The study highlights the need for more intensive prevention measures in the period immediately following release from Irish prisons, including the development of a national overdose… Read more

IPRT disappointed at 'Slopping Out' decision

The Irish Penal Reform Trust today expressed disappointment at the judgment in the case of Mulligan v. Governor of Portlaoise Prison, which found against the applicant’s claim that the slopping out regime he was subjected to in that prison violated his constitutional and human rights. Read more

15th July 2010

Irish Times: Ex-prisoner loses his 'slopping out' action

In today's 'Irish Times', Carol Coulter, Legal Affairs Editor, reports on and offers an analysis of the implications of the judgement in Mulligan v. Portlaoise Prison. Read more

26th July 2010

Irish Independent: Prison in crisis as number of inmates rises 14%

In today's Irish Independent, Tom Brady talks about the prison accommodation crisis confronting the government as unpublished figures reveal an increase of almost 14% in the number of people sent to jail in the past year. Read more

27th July 2010

Vision not firefighting needed to tackle dysfunctional prison system

The Irish Penal Reform Trust, Ireland’s leading penal reform campaign group, has today expressed reservations at the announcement by Minister Ahern that Thornton Hall is to go ahead on a phased basis. Read more

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