December 2010 Archives (News & Press Releases)

3rd December 2010

Spending Cuts and Crime Implications: IPRT Submission Budget 2011 Word documents

Ignoring the crime dimension to current financial decisions will have lasting negative effects for the Irish economy and society into the future. The IPRT Submission to Budget 2011 warns against false economies and the indirect costs of increasing marginalisation. Read more

8th December 2010

IPRT initial response to BUDGET 2011 announcements

The Irish Penal Reform Trust, Ireland’s leading penal reform campaign group, has joined other organisations concerned with social justice, to express its dismay at a disastrous budget which will disproportionately affect the most disdvantaged. Read more

9th December 2010

Irish Times Editorial: 'Overfilling the jails'

"Rather than spend €100,000 a year locking up a young offender, devoting part of that money to his early education and welfare might transform his life." Excellent and timely editorial in today's Irish Times. Read more

10th December 2010

International Human Rights Day 2010

It is International Human Rights Day 2010, and 30% of prisoners in Ireland are still 'slopping out' - the chronically overcrowded prisons at Cork and Mountjoy included - despite assurances since 1992 that this grim, degrading practice would be eliminated. Read more

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