February 2011 Archives (News & Press Releases)

1st February 2011

Your Rights. Right Now - campaign launched YouTube

IPRT is one of seventeen organisations who have joined forces to help people hold the State to account for its human rights record. The 'Your Rights. Right Now' campaign was launched on Monday 31st January 2011. Read more

2nd February 2011

6,681 imprisoned for non-payment of fines in 2010

The Irish Penal Reform Trust, Ireland’s leading penal reform campaign organisation, has today expressed concern at the increasing numbers continuing to be sentenced to imprisonment for failure to pay fines, despite the signing of the Fines Act 2010 into law on 2nd June 2010. Read more

3rd February 2011

Inspector of Prisons publishes Women Prisoners' Supplement to Standards

The Inspector of Prisons, Judge Reilly, has published the Women Prisoners' Supplement to the 'Standards for the Inspection of Prisons in Ireland'. The document outlines the "particular obligations to women prisoners emanating from international obligations, domestic laws and best practice." Read more

4th February 2011

Ombudsman calls for extension of remit to include prisons

The Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly has begun lobbying the prospective leaders of the next government for an expanded role for her office. Proposals include the extension of the Ombudsman's remit to include prisons. IPRT fully supports this call. Read more

9th February 2011

Young offenders' capacity for rehabilitation is being undermined by imprisonment in St Patrick's Institution

The ongoing detention of sixteen and seventeen year olds in St Patrick's Institution is undermining their future prospects along with Ireland's reputation as a humane society, and the new Government must commit to all recommendations for action set out by the Ombudsman for Children in a new report, according to… Read more

10th February 2011


The fifth report on Ireland from the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Degrading Treatment (CPT), published today (Thursday, 10th Feb 2011), is the most critical yet, and a damning indictment of a prison system that is failing to meet the most basic human rights standards… Read more

Irish Examiner: Logan plea to prison service after complaints at young offenders facility

The Ombudsman for Children yesterday asked for the Irish Prison Service to "work with her" as a report into conditions at the country’s biggest facility for young offenders unearthed a series of complaints about life there. Read more

14th February 2011

Prisoner Complaints: CPT criticism and IPS response

IPRT believes that the discrepancy between the findings of the CPT and the IPS response further supports the need for a fully independent complaints mechanism, to support both prisoners and prison staff alike. Read more

24th February 2011

Prisoners in Ireland and Election 2011

The media reports that just under 200 prisoners have registered to vote in Election 2011, which is down significantly on the 2007 election. Read more

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