August 2011 Archives (News & Press Releases)

8th August 2011

IPRT welcomes Minister's proposals to increase use of early release

'The Irish Times' reports that Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is considering releasing long-term prisoners early as a way of controlling worsening prison overcrowding. Read more

10th August 2011

Imprisonment for Fines: "defaulters turned away from overcrowded prisons"

'The Irish Times' reports both a sharp decline in payment of fines imposed by courts, and that most fine defaulters are being turned away at the prison gates because there is no space due to severe overcrowding. Read more

12th August 2011

More Reactions: Thornton Hall review report

More responses to the 'Report of the Thornton Hall Project Review Group' which was published 28th July 2011. Read more

24th August 2011

Probation Service Annual Report 2010: Figures

An overview of the figures from the Probation Service Annual Report 2010. Read more

25th August 2011

MEDIA ADVISORY - IPRT calls on Government to set safe custody limit in response to the IPS Annual Report 2010

IPRT warns of the further alarming rise in prisoner numbers and calls for an immediate and co-ordinated response after the release of the Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2010. Read more

31st August 2011

Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2010: Figures

A brief overview and analysis of some of the figures reported in the 2010 IPS Annual Report. Read more

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