July 2013 Archives (News & Press Releases)

3rd July 2013

MEDIA ADVISORY: Closure of St Patrick's must be met with necessary action at Oberstown and Wheatfield - IPRT

Following the announcement that St. Patrick's Institution is to be closed within six months, IPRT is calling on both the Irish Youth Justice Service and the Irish Prison Service to ensure that they are in a position to provide adequate and appropriate replacement accommodation for both 17-year-old boys and 18-21… Read more

11th July 2013

Report published on the mental health needs of children in the care and youth justice systems

The Children’s Mental Health Coalition has published a report identifying the imperative needs of children and young people in the care and youth justice systems in Ireland. Read more

16th July 2013

Prison Law Seminar: Civil Litigation by Prisoners

The latest in the IPRT Prison Law Seminar series took place on Tues 16th July 2013 in the Courts of Criminal Justice. The event was held in conjunction with the Irish Criminal Bar Association on the topic of civil litigation by prisoners. Read more

17th July 2013

IPRT Annual Lecture 2013: "Solitary confinement: necessity, convenience or inhumanity?"

The 2013 IPRT Annual Lecture took place on Tuesday, 23rd July 2013 in the King's Inns. It followed the 2013 AGM. Read more

19th July 2013

Reminder: "Solitary confinement: necessity, convenience or inhumanity?"

A reminder that the IPRT 2013 Annual Lecture, delivered by Dr. Sharon Shalev on the topic of: "Solitary confinement: necessity, convenience or inhumanity?" will take place on Tues 23 July at 6pm in the King's Inns, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1. Read more

23rd July 2013

Overreliance of Irish prisons on prolonged solitary confinement must be addressed with urgency – IPRT

MEDIA ADVISORY: The Irish prison system is over-reliant on 22-hour and 23-hour lock up as a method for securing prisoner safety, and the practice of holding any prisoner in isolation for more than 15 days must cease. Where any category of prisoner is held on lock up for 22 or… Read more

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