September 2013 Archives (News & Press Releases)

17th September 2013

Short Prison Sentences vs. Community Service: What reduces reoffending?

Kate O'Hara, IPRT/DIT employment-based PhD student, has won the IRC Digital Poster Competition: “Why my research matters” with a poster designed to communicate her research to the public. Read more

'The Prison Trap': Irish Times series on prison and mental health

'The Irish Times' investigates how people with mental illness come into contact with the criminal justice system, tracing the cycle of criminalisation and undiagnosed mental health problems. Read more

25th September 2013

Fines (Payment and Recovery) Bill 2013 - Second Stage

The 'Fines (Payment and Recovery) Bill 2013' is scheduled to return to the Dáil today at Second Stage. IPRT broadly welcomes the intention of the Bill, but recommends some key amendments. Read more

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