June 2018 Archives (News & Press Releases)

7th June 2018

Minister for Justice publishes key prison and probation statistics for 2017

IPRT welcomes the achievements highlighted by the Minister, and looks forward to the publication of the Joint Irish Prison Service / Probation Service Strategic Plan 2018-2020 and Annual Reports for 2017. Read more

18th June 2018

Oberstown Children Detention Campus: Key characteristics of young people in detention for Q1 2018

Data shows a high number of young people held on remand and a high prevalence of mental health problems. Read more

20th June 2018

NI: Inspection report on Juvenile Justice Centre

The Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) has published an inspection report on the Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre (JJC). Read more

26th June 2018

Press Release: Increasing numbers in Irish prisons undermines safety and rehabilitation

IPRT reacts to the publication of the 2017 Annual Reports of the Irish Prison Service and the Probation Service. Read more

28th June 2018

Oberstown: Review Implementation Group reports

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs has published the Interim and Final Reports of the Review Implementation Group of Oberstown Children Detention Campus. Read more

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