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Patients not Prisoners: Report on the Central Mental Hospital Round Table Meeting

30th January 2008

This report, from the Central Mental Hospital Carers’ Group, outlines the concerns regarding the proposed relocation of the Central Mental Hospital facility to a site beside the new prison at Thornton Hall in North Dublin. By calling upon internationally recognised experts to discuss this issue, a compelling economic perspective and international best practice approach were put forward to debate the relocation of the Central Mental Hospital, which are discussed in detail (and can be found in their entirety in Annex I of this report.)

The participating NGOs and other organisations represented at the seminar also had the opportunity to put forth their concerns about the relocation of the CMH to Thornton Hall, which culminated in writing the Joint Declaration, which can be found in Annex II of this
report. The conclusion from the proceedings was that the move to Thornton Hall represented the worst-case scenario and that the overnment has the opportunity to reverse its decision and use its assets and the willing expertise at its disposal to establish
an internationally exemplary model.

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