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Pilot Drug Court: Final Evaluation

31st October 2002

The purpose of this evaluation is to briefly set out the main findings, conclusions and recommendations arising from the Evaluation of the Pilot Drug Court during the period 16 January 2001 to 31 January 2002 inclusive. The early sections of the report collate and expand on some of the material contained in the reports of the Working Group on a Courts Commission and the Drug Court Planning Committee and describe in detail the planning and operations of the Drug Court.

The report represents the culmination of 18 months qualitative and quantitative research. The process has involved the design of a Performance Monitoring System (PMS), the collation and analysis of data across a range of indicators, regular observation of the operations of the Court, consultation with stakeholder organisations, the Drug Court Team and Drug Court participants as well as an examination of the Drug Court’s effectiveness in terms of resource inputs.

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