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Classifications of drug treatment and social reintegration and their availability in EU + Norway

31st December 2003

This report delves into the drug programmes of each of the EU Member States and Norway.

The very idea of classifying and measuring drug treatment and social rehabilitation availability originates from the third strategy target of the EU drug action plan 2000-2004, which states: to increase substantially the number of successfully treated addicts... In various settings and forums, it has become clear however that this is by no means an easy task and also that there is no direct way of shedding light on this objective. Instead, the evaluation of this objective can only be made by looking at related issues, such as measuring availability of treatment, presenting findings from scientific evaluations on treatment outcomes, sketching expenditures on treatment facilities, and so on.                                                   

The report lays out the following concepts that will be used as guidelines for classifying drug treatment facilities and their treatment activities;
• Drug-free or substitution treatment?
• Treatment setting (inpatient, outpatient, general practitioner, semi-residential etc.)
• Treatment modality (Minnesota, Christian/religious, Social-educational, Phoenix House, Behaviouristic/cognitive, Psycho-analytical, etc.)
• Ownership of treatment facilities (municipalities, state, private, NGO, church)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

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