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Football Behind Bars

9th September 2009

Ian Wright, Football Behind Bars, Sky 1Teamwork, communication and discipline are the goals – if you’ll excuse the pun – in a Football Academy headed up by former Arsenal and England player, Ian Wright, at the Portland Young Offenders Institution in Dorset.

With high reoffending rates among 18-24 year olds who are sent to prison in England, the great equalizer – soccer – is the means through which the young men are being taught discipline, team work, pride in achievement, and above all, motivation towards building a better future for themselves.

Ian Wright is himself a positive role model: having spent 14 days in prison when he was young for traffic offences, he made a decision to never end up back there. Instead, he focused his energies and determination on his football talent – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Follow the action over the 6-part series, Football Behind Bars, on Sky 1 - from Monday 7th Sept at 10pm.

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